Compact passenger vans have become very popular in the Nepalese market. So if you are thinking of buying one, we will tell you what it will cost you initially, the insurance and the estimate on the use of fuel.

The Toyota Townace is a light commercial passenger van produced in Japan. The van is powered by a 1486cc 5K-U engine and a 1821cc gasoline 2Y-U and two more 1974cc gasoline engines. The Toyota Townace is priced at USD 25,000.

The Nissan AD is made up of an amazing compact van with a comfortable interior and a large capacity with modern equipment. A new Nissan AD costs USD $23,000 on the Nepalese market. It has an average fuel consumption of 28 MPG.

The 4th generation of the Nissan Serena is also famous. It offers ample interior space and has ECO mode, which stops the engine when the car is not in motion and thus saves fuel. It has a 2,860mm wheelbase and a 2.0-liter MR20DD DI I4 engine with Xtronic CVT transmission. Its market value is USD $28,000.

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In addition to a large cabin area, the Toyota Voxy provides ample space for luggage. Its market value is between USD $29.000 and USD $32,000. This price may vary depending on the year of manufacture, the equipment and its quality. You can always increase engine efficiency by adding Valvematic technology.

The Toyota Mark II is believed to be an excellent choice for new car buyers in Nepal. The Toyota Mark II is made in Japan and has a 2L series diesel engine. The Toyota Mark II is priced at USD $18,000. It uses fuel with an estimated total cost of USD $45.

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The values ​​of the cars indicated correspond to their market value in 2021. There are two factors that determine car insurance in Nepal: the type of car (make, model and year of manufacture) and the characteristics of the user (age, gender, driving experience, number of children and marital status). As for the total fuel costs, these are calculated based on three parameters: the average autonomy (12,000 km/year), the average gasoline consumption (100 MPH/l) and the mileage of the car.