The 2023 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios makes a compelling case for the enduring relevance of budget-oriented hatchbacks in a landscape dominated by the SUV wave. As SUVs flood the automotive market, the Grand i10 Nios stands out with its facelift, promising a blend of style, efficiency, and practicality. This review delves into exterior updates, interior enhancements, and driving experience, presenting insights for potential buyers navigating Nepal's diverse roads.

Exterior Refinement: A Sporty Facelift

Despite being a facelift, the 2023 Grand i10 Nios undergoes notable changes on the outside. A redesigned front showcases a new all-black grille with a mesh pattern reminiscent of its i20 counterpart. The signature boomerang-shaped LED DRLs adopt a tri-arrow design, now positioned on the bumper's lower edge.

The halogen projector headlights maintain their design, and keen observers will notice the absence of fog lamps, contributing to a cleaner front fascia. The new 15-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels and changes in the tail section, including a redesigned boot lid and tail lamps, add a sportier touch. The faux light bar connecting the tail lamps, while purely aesthetic, enhances the overall visual appeal of the hatchback.

Cabin Comfort and Technological Upgrades

The 2023 Grand i10 Nios maintains a familiar yet refined ambiance inside the cabin. While the overall dashboard remains unchanged, Hyundai introduces a revamped instrument cluster, transitioning from a semi-digital setup to a conventional configuration with two analog dials and a 3.5-inch digital display.

A subtle addition of blue lighting in the front footwells enhances the interior's aesthetics, contributing to an overall pleasant atmosphere. Including a Type C fast charging port aligns with modern standards, providing a convenient charging solution. The cabin continues to offer a comfortable space for four adults, retaining its distinction as the only hatchback in the segment with rear AC vents.

The new seat fabric and spacious interior make the Grand i10 Nios an inviting space for short commutes and longer journeys.

Safety Enhancements and Technological Features

Hyundai takes a commendable step in boosting the safety quotient of the Grand i10 Nios by making it the sole car in its segment to offer six airbags. Even the base model comes equipped with driver, passenger, and side airbags, emphasizing Hyundai's commitment to safety.

Noteworthy safety features include a hill start assist, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), valuable additions for varied terrains, and potential puncture warnings. The availability of these safety features across different trims underscores Hyundai's dedication to ensuring a secure driving experience for all users.

Powertrain Adjustments and Performance Insights

While the exterior and interior see significant updates, Hyundai opts for streamlining the powertrain options in the 2023 Grand i10 Nios. The diesel and turbo-petrol choices are no longer available, leaving the 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine as the sole option.

Despite its smooth, silent, and frugal performance, the engine may lack the enthusiastic response desired by drivers seeking a more spirited driving experience. Introducing an e20 fuel-compliant engine and an option for a CNG kit cater to those prioritizing fuel efficiency. The petrol engine is available with a 5-speed manual and an AMT, while the CNG variant is exclusively paired with a manual transmission. The inclusion of cruise control adds a touch of convenience for city driving and highway journeys.


In conclusion, with its facelift, the 2023 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios brings a renewed sense of style and efficiency to Nepal's hatchback market. The blend of exterior aesthetics, interior enhancements, safety features, and adjusted powertrain options positions the Grand i10 Nios as a versatile choice for drivers seeking a reliable and economical hatchback. Despite the SUV dominance, this Hyundai model continues to shine as a practical and stylish option for navigating the vibrant roads of Nepal.