Nepal's roads tell tales of a nation on the move, and for many, the convenience and comfort of owning a car have become a daily necessity. Despite the rising demand, the pursuit of budget-friendly cars remains a consistent trend, addressing the aspirations of the middle class.

This review presents Nepal's top 5 budget cars as of January 2023, offering style, comfort, and features without breaking the bank.

Renault Kwid: French Flair on a Budget

Renault Kwid is an exemplary budget car in Nepal, combining French origin with affordability. Boasting a 999CC petrol engine, the Kwid delivers power through three cylinders and 12 valves. The five-speed manual transmission and electric-powered steering enhance the driving experience. With a ground clearance of 184mm and a seating capacity for five, the Kwid is a stylish and practical choice for Nepali drivers.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti Suzuki, a trusted name in the automotive industry, presents the Celerio as a budget-friendly gem. Featuring a 1.0 K10C petrol engine, the Celerio offers a remarkable balance of power and efficiency. This small hatchback is designed for agile city driving with disc front brakes, drum rear brakes, and a ground clearance of 165mm. The Celerio's 32-litre fuel capacity and five-person seating make it an economical choice for Nepali drivers.

TATA Tiago XE: Reliability with a Stylish Twist

TATA Tiago, a favorite since its release, stands as a testament to car manufacturing prowess. Awarded the safest car in its category by Global NCAP in Nepal, the Tiago offers a blend of safety and style. Powered by a 1.2-liter petrol engine, this five-seater hatchback provides a delightful driving experience. With a ground clearance of 170mm and a spacious boot capacity of 242 liters, the Tiago caters to the practical needs of Nepali drivers.

Ford Figo: American Muscle Meets Affordability

Ford Figo, a creation of the American automotive giant, introduces an enticing blend of performance and budget-friendliness to the Nepali market. Figo features a 1.2l Ti-VCT petrol engine, offering both manual and automatic transmissions.

With a ground clearance of 174mm and a fuel tank capacity of 42 liters, the Figo stands out as a reliable companion for diverse terrains. Its muscular design and efficient performance make it a notable budget car choice in Nepal.

Volkswagen Polo TL Plus

Volkswagen Polo TL Plus brings German engineering excellence to the budget car segment in Nepal. Equipped with a 1.0l MPI three-cylinder engine, the Polo TL Plus delivers a performance that reflects the precision synonymous with Volkswagen.

The car's five-speed manual transmission and tank capacity of 45 liters make it a dynamic choice for Nepali drivers. With a ground clearance of 172mm and a boot space of 294 liters, the Polo TL Plus combines style with practicality.


As the wheels of Nepal keep turning, these budget-friendly cars provide an accessible and stylish solution for those seeking comfort and reliability without compromising on the budget. From French flair to Indian ingenuity and German precision, these top 5 cars bring a diverse range of choices to Nepal's roads, catering to the diverse needs of its drivers.